October 23, 2017 5 min read

Just like any other “firsts”, baby’s first Halloween is a reason for the entire family to be excited and looking forward to seeing the little one all dressed up for the occasion.

Whether you are the proud mom and dad of a baby boy or of a baby girl, Halloween cannot be missed to celebrate alongside the new member of your family.

As you might already found out, life with a little one in the house seems at times thrilling enough, as all the love in the air is often seasoned with all sorts of “frightening” experiencesJ

But when it comes to Halloween outfits or costumes, here are some guidelines you might want to take into account:

  • Keep the outfit simple

If your baby doesn’t seem to get tired, like ever, and is on constant move, avoid dressing him or her up in a fussy thing. Keep in mind also that accidents can happen, which means you might not want to invest a fortune in the baby’s first Halloween costume. You can choose a one-piece outfit and an accessory or two that you can do by yourself. If the baby doesn’t like wearing that Spiderman mask that you think looks cute on him, forget about it and instead arrange the baby’s hair so that it looks like a spider. The idea is not only for the baby to look adorable, but also to feel comfortable for this first Halloween.

  • Involve the siblings

If your baby has a brother or a sister (or more), try to coordinate their costumes: Minnie and Mickey, Elsa and Anna or Christophe and Olaf. As that old saying goes – “the more, the merrier”, if you have more than two children, go for Minion costumes. After all, the Minions are so funny that nobody will ever get tired of yellow and blue :)

  • Choose the classics

If you are not sure what costume or outfit to dress the baby in for the first Halloween, you can go for a classic character which is never out of fashion: a cute Dumbo costume or a delicious Red Riding Hood will make all your family smile at all times, not to mention the baby, once he or she grows up and can understand the funny photos you have taken.

  • Keep the weather in mind

Something light to wear is indicated if you live in an area where October is mild, while adding some layers of clothes on the little one for a cold October will keep her or him safe and comfortable.

A pair of leggings and a long-sleeved shirt, both of them with funny prints, will set your baby in the Halloween’s spirit.

  • Elegant is always trendy

If your baby doesn’t have a problem with this, you can always go for a more sophisticated outfit: a princess dress or a tuxedo will make the family photos unforgettable.

Halloween costumes for babies

When it comes to Halloween costumes for babies, you have a huge offer to choose from. Either a baby girl or a baby boy, anything that you can think of actually takes the shape of a costume for the little one: a reindeer, a snow baby, a Santa baby or a pink bunny – all in the form of baby cocoon costumes.

Although the baby might not yet speak “our language” :), she or he might already have a favorite cartoon character. You know who that is by the way the baby stops from everything every time that character appears on TV or by the way the baby’s eyes sparkle, their hands are moving or their feet are dancing.

Halloween costumes for babies

So, the Halloween costumes for babies cover a wide range of cartoon characters, from Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Minions or Mickey Mouse - for baby boys, to Aurora (from “Sleeping Beauty”), “Belle” (from “Beauty and the Beast”) or Cinderella – for baby girls.

Superhero costumes are also a popular choice and you can dress the baby according to family’s favorite character (while taking into her/his comfort): Wonder woman or Captain America.

Also, it seems that babies become even lovelier when dressed in a cute animal costume, so you can decide if a small lion, a lamb, a cat, a small ladybug, a panda, a peacock or other “live animal” will invade your home for this Halloween.

If none of the above costumes is ringing any bell, try a “classic occupation” costume: a pirate, a policeman, a biker or a fireman costume will surely look good on your baby boy and you can find correspondent costumes also for baby girls.


Halloween baby outfits

If a precise-themed Halloween costume is not exactly what you have in mind for your baby’s first Halloween, there is an alternative: Halloween baby outfits.

The difference is that outfits just suggest a character, a vegetable or even an animal and can be obtained from regular clothes.

For example, a hat that looks like Yoda’s head, together with a blanket and a tied belt, will certainly make your little one look like a fearless Jedi knight.

For a more original look, you can dress the baby in a white onesie, attach to it a small circle of yellow felt and voilà! you have yourself a little fried egg :)

There are also other pieces of clothing that fit the Halloween spirit and these are also available in stores.

Here are some outfits that you can find on “family-boutique” page:

  • a monster set with hat, pants and baby bodysuit can be worn by both baby girls and baby boys and the cotton that is made from will ensure comfort and wide movements for the baby;
  • a pumpkin or bunny-like, cotton hooded jumpsuit is also a great choice for your baby; since it’s a unisex piece of clothing, both baby girls and baby boys will look awesome in it;
  • for a more “ferocious” appearanceJ you can choose the Darth Vader jumpsuit, which can be perfect for your baby’s casual style;
  • as for baby girls, you can always go for a more elegant style, with the lace shorts and top, which has full sleeves and is button closed;
  • last, but not least on our list, the unisex funny fox set – city style – composed of blouse and pants.

If these examples have inspired you in what to buy for your baby’s first Halloween, see the full Halloween collection by clicking the link below:


Both your baby and the other family members will be glad you did :)