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When it comes to buying clothes for a baby, things can seem quite complicated: what type of fabric? what color? what size? can the clothes be washed in the washing machine? how long will a newborn fit in the clothes you bought before she or he was born? and a whole bunch of other questions that can make you feel confused …

Fortunately, there are some guidelines that can help you navigate through this topic without a headache. 

When it comes to size, remember: baby clothes are labeled based on age: by month, for infants, by years for toddlers.

However, all babies are different and if you are not sure that a certain size will fit, buy a larger size rather than a smaller one.

In terms of season’s changing, you can choose bright colored outfits for spring, light and comfortable clothes for summer, jackets and multiple layers clothes for autumn and insulated fabrics for winter.


Baby girl clothes

From casual outfits to princess dresses or to a Halloween witch costume, baby girls will look awesome in anything that you choose with love and care, while taking into account some of the tips below.

White bodysuits are a perfect match for a 0 to 9 months old baby girl. If white seems difficult to maintain or simply is not your color, there are plenty of color variances and design options from which you can choose the perfect one-piece suits.

These bodysuits can be a real bargain when bought in bulk during off-season sales.

For outdoor wear, buy your baby girl clothes that you can use to dress her in layers – remember to put on her as many or as few layers of clothing as you are wearing. Depending upon the weather’s evolution, you can always add or remove one layer to allow the baby to feel comfortable.

Casual wear can mean a cute skirt matched with a casual shirt that will make the baby girl look wonderful. But you should not refrain from buying her also shorts, pants or leggings.

Dresses are an important piece of clothing in a baby girl’s wardrobe: comfortable, easy to dress and providing an instantaneous cute look, you can buy party dresses, summer dresses or even Holiday-themed dresses.

Don’t forget the accessories – a fancy ribbon will complete a dashing, formal outfit, while a pair of baby sunglasses will add a tone of “cool” to her casual wear.


Baby boy clothes

Name it and then buy it: anything from soft denim, hoods, vests to jackets, sweaters, shirts or t-shirts can become part of a baby boy clothes collection.

Baby boys can look amazing dressed with a shirt and a pair of trousers with straps, as well as in a hunting-like costume for a walk in the park.

Baby boy clothes can include also outfits with their favorite cartoon character (if they already have one) or a themed outfit, during the Holiday season, such as one of Santa’s elves.

Although the color universally recognized as suited for a baby boy clothes is blue, you can always choose purple, green, brown or even orange pieces of clothing, as long as the baby boy feels and looks good in them.

Just like girls, baby boys will start to go mobile – this means that his crawling on the floor requires some sets of comfortable and affordable clothes, which might get ruined during the discovery experience he is enjoying.

When switching to solid foods, make sure you have plenty of bibs around, so the baby boy clothes don’t suffer impossible to remove staining.

If you must cover his feet, buy a quality pair of soft-soled shoes and be patient until he gets used to wearing them.

Although baby boys’ accessories are not as abundant as the ones for baby girls, you can still transform your baby boy’s casual wear into something that stands out in the crowd, by adding a chic hat, a cool bandana during the summertime or even a funny pair of socks.


Newborn baby clothes

We know the sight of newborn baby clothes can be at times so … overwhelming that you literally want to buy an entire store or all the items on the internet page you’ve just discoveredJ

However, newborns grow very fast, which means that at the beginning you should buy only basic pieces of clothing, such as 2 to 4 infant gowns, 4 to 6 one-piece pajamas, 6 to 8 bodysuits, 2 to 3 jackets or sweaters, 5 to 7 pairs of socks, 3 to 5 hats, 2 or 3 rompers, 4 to 6 hats – sun hats for summer time and hats that cover the ears for winter time, 1 or 2 blanket sleepers, fleece suit for winter time and mittens so they don’t scratch themselves.

When it comes to fabric of baby’s clothes, choose soft fabric that allows the skin to breathe, such as cotton or even organic fabric, which, although pricier, is often softer than regular cotton.

Make sure you always wash the clothes before suiting up the baby, in order to remove any dirt or foreign product that can land on the clothes during the production, transportation and handling chain. A baby’s skin is really sensitive so these foreign products can cause an irritation.

For maximum speed in getting the baby dressed up, avoid clothes with zippers. Also, you might want to skip the metal snaps, as metal can be allergen. Don’t buy clothes that contain dangerous items, such as strings or fringe, which unfortunately can cause strangulation.  

Check the buttons on the baby’s clothes and reinforce them if they feel loose, so they don’t end up in the baby’s nose or mouth.


Baby rompers

Baby rompers are an essential piece of clothing for your baby’s wardrobe. They cover your baby’s back, they keep the Pampers in a fixed position and they provide freedom for wide movements.

From casual style rompers to laced-border rompers, from long sleeve floral rompers to short sleeve superhero rompers, you can use this item in any season, occasion or combination.

You can use it as the first layer of clothing to dress your baby during the cold season, adding as many layers as the weather requires, so your baby is safe from cold and feels comfortable.

Or you can dress your baby during the summer only with this article of clothing, leaving him or her enough freedom to move around while crawling or to enjoy solid foods during meals.

Baby rompers can be worn in everyday activities, as well as in special occasion, where a floral romper together with a lace skirt can grant your baby girl a wonderful look.

Don’t forget about rompers with funny messages written on it which, accompanied by the hood of the same rompers, can transform your baby boy into a real smashing appearance.

You can find an amazing collection of baby rompers, as well as baby bodysuits, jumpsuits, pants, jackets, coats, dresses, boots, sneakers, sandals, accessories and even baby Halloween costumes by clicking the link below.

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Now that you know what clothes to buy for your baby, what are you waiting for?

Enjoy the fun of your suiting up your baby in beautiful clothes!