December 13, 2017 7 min read

Baby’s first Christmas is a huge event for the family, either it’s your first born or your third child that celebrates Christmas for the first time.

And it’s all about the excitement of seeing the baby’s reactions: the funny faces when seeing Christmas ornaments, the delighted smiles when tasting a bit of the cookie you prepared for Santa, the big eyes when meeting Santa in person for the first time.

It’s important to realize that Christmas with a baby is faaaar different than the Christmas you have had before you became a parent: everything from preparing slow-cooked meals to nice, time-consuming gift wrapping or lying an entire day in bed with the repeated schedule eat-sleep-watch TV, is over :)

However, as you have probably found out already since your baby arrived, it doesn’t matter. The joy a baby brings worth all sacrifices.

In order to help you have a beautiful Christmas for your baby and family, we bring you some tips and traditions that we hope will help you get through the holidays without allowing stress, hustle, cooking and everything else to make you go insane :)

Baby Christmas outfit

One of the “pièce de resistance”, as the French would say, in your baby’s first Christmas is the baby outfit.

Choosing the right one will make your baby happy and simply adorable for everybody around him.

You can choose anything that suits your baby and fits the theme: Christmas baby rompers, pants and a blouse, skirt, reindeer costume, Santa hat or anything else you may think of.

The idea is the baby must feel comfortable in that outfit and that she likes it – nobody wants a baby that cries and tries to take off his reindeer pajamas on Christmas day :)

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How to get ready for baby's first Christmas

This event can easily turn into a reason of severe stress: shopping, cleaning, cooking, Christmas tree decorating and so on can cause you some pain and tears as you will not, we repeat, will NOT, be able to do everything according to plan.

Still, it’s best to have a plan because no matter how bad a plan is, it’s still better than no plan.

1. Allow yourself to have something less than “the perfect Christmas.”

There is always this huge difference between what the media is presenting as the “perfect Christmas” and what you actually get: a total mess in your freshly cleaned and organized living room, instead of those perfect picks on Instagram that make you wonder: am I good to be a mom? How do other women do it? and other tricky questions like these.

The best way to deal with this is to focus on the one thing that will make this Christmas special for your baby and for you and your family and just do it.

Fine-cuisine meals for family? That can wait for another year.

Handmade gifts? Your friends will like any present since it’s from you.

So, after deciding what is the thing that really shouts “Christmas joy” for you and your loved ones, say “no” to all the other things in your “to do list”.

When it comes to where you will spend Christmas, make a list of pros and cons for staying at home and for going to a friend or family member’s house.

If you decide to stay home, ask a close friend or someone from the family to be the host. This person will be in charge with setting the table properly, cleaning after the party and receiving and entertaining guests.

Make sure your visitors know that you and your baby might disappear at some point from the party, when the little one will need to go to sleep or simply to rest.

If you will spend your Christmas at somebody else’s house, make sure there is a place available where you and your baby can lay down and warn your host that you will be present just as long as the baby doesn’t need something that would force you to leave home.

2. Simplify everything!

Shop online to save time.

Let others bake for you or buy from a local bakery to save time.

Buy pre-made foods to save time.

Use gift bags instead of gift boxes to save time.

See? It’s really easy to save lots and lots of time :)


How to decorate a Christmas tree for your baby

Well, that’s not the only meaning of this title :) What we want to show here are some tips from other parents on how you can decorate a Christmas tree that not only your baby, but also the rest of the family can enjoy.

Because, as Fred from Washington said, “from time immemorial since people have put Christmas trees in their homes, this has been an issue for mothers and toddlers. Even Einstein didn’t know the answer to that one” :)

The truth is there is no limit to a child’s curiosity. And if the baby is crawling or walking by his first Christmas, then you need to take some additional safety measures when putting up your Christmas tree.

First things first:

  • secure the tree to the wall: tie a thin wire to the upper part of the tree and run the wire to the wall so the tree doesn’t fall on the baby; make sure the wire is barely noticeable so your engineer-minded baby doesn’t find it and with it, a solution to pull it down;
  • place fragile ornaments on the top and leave the ones that your baby can play with at the bottom of the tree; that way, everybody is happy :)
  • use shatter proof ornaments – since they don’t break, your baby is safe even if she reaches these better looking decorations;
  • make some child-safe ornaments yourself: pay a visit to the fabric store and buy some patterned material; cut it, stuff it with cloth, sew it and voilà! you have the perfectly safe ornaments for your baby to play with;
  • place lots of bells into your tree – if those little hands make their way into the tree, you’ll knowJ and make sure you buy bells big enough to avoid choking hazard.

Pretty useful tips, right?

Last, but not least, make and hang up a felt tree. This little tree will allow your baby or toddler to have his own fun decorating. The small Christmas globes, bells or any type or ornaments will be easy to apply on the tree by your baby, if you buy Velcro fastened decorations.

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Christmas traditions that you and your baby will love

Christmas is more than eating, resting or watching TV. Even if your entire family is there, you may still feel the need of some Christmas traditions parading.

So, you can choose one of the traditions other moms use for Christmas or you can start your own.

Holiday card

One of the greatest joys a parent has is taking pictures of her baby. And Holiday cards are the perfect occasion to dress up your little one in the prettiest, funniest or most adorable outfits, take his picture and mail it to your dear ones. You can keep this tradition until your child will definitely refuse to pose for you as this embarrasses him. And trust us, the years fly so fast that you will hear that refusal (too) soon.

Funny stocking

Choose a stocking that you believe will make your baby smile even when he grows into a toddler, preschool child or even teen ager. That’s why a funny stocking can be the best solution for this tradition: you are never too old to smile

Sing Christmas songs

Although your baby might be the only person who enjoys hearing you sing (despite the fact she doesn’t understand very well what you are singing aboutJ), singing for and with your baby enables her to learn words and, why not, even to develop a feel for musicJ

Plus, it’s extra fun to dance and clap with the baby on her favorite song

Have a Christmas party

Invite all the friends which have small children to a party, where Santa Claus will make his appearance to deliver one gift to open for each child. Your baby will love spending time with the other children, not to mention it would be fun for you and the other grownups to watch his reactions when he sees Santa or the gift

Have the baby meet Santa

If you cannot have a party, take the baby to meet Santa or ask him to come by your house.

It would be really touching to see your baby sitting in Santa’s laps – make sure you have the camera ready for lots of fast photos :) Also, be prepared for the scenario in which the baby gets scared by that guy in red suit – life is not as in pictures, so make sure you have a plan to cheer your baby up in case her first meeting with Santa will not go as planned.

As for starting your own tradition, you can do it by making a special ornament that can be a keepsake for when the baby is older. You can choose anything you want from a snow globe or a round ornament with your baby’s handprint to his foot pressed into clay and then placed in the Christmas tree.

Or maybe you want to read the same story every year as a family tradition.

Or maybe you will all be wearing knitted sweaters with reindeers on them.

Whatever you choose as a family tradition, you will share delightful moments with your baby and the rest of your family.

Baby Christmas costumes – a lasting memory

Like we’ve said at the beginning of this article, the baby outfit is one key element in your baby’s first celebration of Christmas.

Either you go for classic pieces of clothing, such as jumpers or dresses or for animal costumes themed outfits, your Christmas will be a lot cuter once the little one makes his or her appearance.

And since we are here to help, you can choose the perfect outfit for your baby by visiting the link below where you will find anything your heart desires, from adorable bunny tail romper or lovely knitted sleeveless jumpsuits with reindeers to animal style baby jumpsuits or cute Santa set.

And the best news is that the entire collection still has “Black Friday” discounts.

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas is just around the corner and you, your baby and your loved ones deserve a memory that will last forever. 

As the Santa would say, visit our Christmas Collection  and “Ho, ho, ho!” to you :)