Pregnancy / Maternity Waist Extender

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Now you can wear your favorite pants during your pregnancy! No more expensive pregnancy pants, save money thanks to our pregnancy waistband extender!

With our elastic extenders, you can use your the waistband with any type of clothing (skirts, pants, jeans, ...).

Being pregnant and stylish shouldn't break the bank! With our Pregnancy Waistband you can create an infinite number of looks.

  • High quality fabric
  • Already approved by more than 300,000 smart moms to be!
  • Works with any type of clothing and any body shape
  • Easy to use and remove

PantyFlex - Pregnancy Waistband Extender

Need more space at your waist? Forget needle and thread!  Just fasten this neat waist extender between your button and buttonhole to instantly add 1"- 6" to your waist size.  


  1. Maternity Pregnancy Waistband Belt is an indispensable accessory for pregnant women.
  2. Is a perfect solution when growing tummy does not allow you wear your favorite pants or skirt.
  3. It enables to extend in a belt all your favorite "non-pregnant" jeans, pants and skirts that are no longer converge on the waist or hips.
  4. Your wardrobe is not limited to 1 or 2 pairs of jeans or pants for pregnant women, you will be able to wear almost all the jeans, pants that were dressed before the pregnancy.
  5. It is very comfortable and does not restrict movement. It can also be worn after the birth.


This Waist Extender will help you fit in all your clothes during your pregnancy. It's easy to use, time-saving and adjustable for all sizes and clothes.


Material: These pregnancy waistband extenders are made of cotton. And the elastic band is of good quality and help you adjust your unsuitable trousers and skirts utile you’re satisfied.

Classic Colors: Khaki, Navy, Black. The most common and practical colors.

Money Saver: Waistband extender is used to add more extra room if your waist is too tight during weight gain, pregnancy or maternity. They can help you save money by helping your trousers and skirts last longer.

Easy Use: With the button and the button hole on both sides of elastic band, you can attach our pregnancy waistband extender to your trousers or skirts.

Design Intention: The pregnancy not only brings you the happiness but also some sweet burden, such as the growing waist. Our waistband extender is designed to help every expectant mother solve this problem.





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