Baby Protection Pack

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Babies seem to always be falling over, especially when first learning to walk. While most of the time you are there to catch them, you have to do other things and kids are bound to fall back and knock their noggin.


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Now, thanks to the Baby Protection Pack you can prevent some of these tiny little accidents. Not only that but they are super cute!

This Baby Protection Pack is perfect for anyone with a baby! Solely designed with safety in mind, this backpack will help keep your baby protected! Immediately alleviate the impact of falling to protect your baby's head and back. 

  1. Fully adjustable strap design for a snug fit 
  2. Effectively alleviate the impact of falling to protect your baby's head and back
  3. Straps stay tight, but comfortable on baby to keep from falling off
  4. (5) different styles to choose from 

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Baby Protection Pack were designed to keep your toddler's head safe while learning to walk and be more stable while walking. One of the best ways to keep them safe and also look adorable while doing their thing. Much like a backpack, the convenient hood is a soft cushion to protect your baby's head while learning the most important aspect of their life. 


  1. Suitable for Baby: from 4-15 month
  2. Total length: 31cm
  3. Strap length: 29cm
  4. Weight: 130g



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